Academic & Research

Experienced academics know finding the right sensor needed for a cutting-edge research project is extremely difficult and there is very rarely anything available off the shelf that will match all their requirements. Starfish systems have been designed to appeal to all potential side scan sonar customers within underwater markets including 'blue chip' research institutions. StarFish systems in Pakistan provide professional sonar images, ease of use and ideal for the needs of many academic institutions.

If you are thinking about a new project to brighten up the next college semester or field trip then why not consider the educational benefits to be gained from StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems. There are many educational activities that could be delivered using a Starfish system including mathematics, physics, biology and nature studies. These studies could be combined with lessons about imbedded sonar technology and the fun of interpreting a dynamic side scan sonar display to detect familiar objects laying underwater. The added excitement of discovering shipwrecks and mapping the effects of nature on the seabed will provide a fascinating, interesting and challenging history or science project. StarFish systems can also offer the opportunity to monitor and record the impact that man has on the local environment and can make a telling educational contribution towards the ever increasing effects of global climate change.

StarFish systems are the perfect tool for students new to geological, hydrographic and marine biological research. Side scan sonar systems require careful handling. Made from a tough polyurethane material, StarFish systems will survive most of the hard knocks thrown its way. With StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems your students will be free from many of these constraints and will have the freedom to push the system to its limits.

StarFish systems are a perfect tool for university students new to hydrographic and marine biological research. The professional sonar images, ease of use blends itself well to the needs of many academic institutions. In shallow water research it excels and can make a telling contribution to any research project whatever the science.

Some typical examples of StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems applications for academic and research purposes include...

    • Geological surveys
    • Maritime archaeology
    • Environmental studies of the seafloor
    • Benthic habitat mapping
    • Marine biology
    • Structure and composition of the seafloor
    • Identify different seafloor substrate
    • Inshore or coastal seafloor mapping
    • Reef monitoring
    • Hazardous waste site assessment
    • Hydrographic surveys
    • Monitor changes to seafloor and habitat over time