Engineering Applications

StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems in Pakistan , can provide a quick survey of a site prior to the start of any underwater engineering operations and help with key engineering decisions during the life cycle of a project.

Any engineer working on an underwater project knows that they need an accurate map of the project site. The use of divers and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV's) is common - however, operations are very slow and expensive. Using underwater video systems are usually ineffective due to the limited visible range of the camera and the local turbidity conditions. StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems in Pakistan are optimised for high speed, shallow water surveys that can be carried out without getting your feet wet.Historical StarFish data, for example, can help establish the impact of dredging operations.

Civil engineering projects in and around shallow water need reliable seabed images of the site prior, during and after completion of the construction project. StarFish systems have the ability to record and playback images of the seabed, and if supported by a GPS receiver, then large underwater sites can be surveyed and the data used to establish the success of any underwater engineering tasks. StarFish systems in Pakistan are ideal for those involved in the survey of inshore, river, lake, bridge and dam construction or inspection projects.

If you have an engineering project that is in or close to shallow water there is a good chance that you will need an accurate map of the seabed. A StarFish Seabed Imaging System in Pakistan can help with all aspects of the project including mapping, planning, debris assessment, dredging, construction or inspection or the phases of the project.

Some typical examples of StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems' applications for engineering purposes include...
Salvage/rescue operations in lakes, rivers and open ocean

    • Location of lost cargo and containers
    • Inspection of coastal structures
    • Dam inspection
    • Bridge inspection
    • Pipeline and cable location and inspection
    • Oil drilling rig inspection
    • Planning of seafloor installations
    • Dredging operations
    • Navigational hazard mapping
    • Creation of nautical charts